Week Ten: I can fit in my clothes again

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Week Ten: I can fit in my clothes again Empty Week Ten: I can fit in my clothes again

Post by svenbjornjorgensen on Tue Jun 11, 2013 6:47 pm

I started doing weird things in my diet which i initially considered "cheating" - not junk food and such - but periodic straying from my mostly-vegetarian diet and encorporating a lot of proteins and meat. It may have shook something loose since the 178-179 lbs plateau has been breached and I'm down to about 174-175lbs.

Granted, I've started walking before lunch for a couple weeks now, so that may be the real culprit. And doing situps. WHATEVER THE CASE, I'm that much closer to my goal of 170 lbs. And now that I'm nearly there, I feel that 165 lbs seems even better. While I certainly weigh less, I've still muscle to build and fat to shrink before I feel remotely comfortable in my skin again.

Biggest improvement: I can fit in all my skinny-ish clothes again. A whole new wardrobe covered in dust is now available to me!

Biggest disappointment: I feel nearly alone in this effort. My forum text buddy has avoided my bi-monthly texts like the stare from an ex-lover. The forum has dried up considerably to the extent that most posts feel like screams into sheet rock or plaster.

Sooo....yeah. Week ten.

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