Week Five: Fail/Revive

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Week Five: Fail/Revive Empty Week Five: Fail/Revive

Post by svenbjornjorgensen on Tue May 07, 2013 6:55 pm

As I had bemoaned in prior posts, this last week offered my most serious setbacks - but primarily in the mental rhelm. I became disturbed enough that every fiber of my body requested that I eat my way out of the hole I'd emotionally dug. And while I slipped in ways I hadn't since I started this lil' challenge from Ms. McGathy, I have stayed generally true to my resolve.

And the plateau that I had hit around 190lbs seems to have been broken. I weighed myself this morning and looked to be in the 186lbs range. Granted, this was after two soccer games in this new-found summer heat (is it summer yet? I never know), and some of that weight could have been due to water loss. Either way, it felt good to see something resembling new progress.

My wrist is slowly healing I think. I don't have general pain anymore - just tweak it periodically and gnash my teeth accordingly. I did manage to get a slight injury to my calf during my second game last night as I was mistaken for a pinata by some youth's cleats. But its not like I've stood fast to my "running as exercise" goal. Sad

But for those counting:
Starting weight: 203lbs
Current weight: ~186lbs
Total loss: ~17lbs.
Goal: 175lbs.


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